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I've been going here for almost a year and I'll never go back again. I stumbled across them when I was looking for discounts on oil changes and they have a special if you print a coupon that your oil change with a synthetic oil blend of up to 5 quarts will be $20 and I've gotten it every time at that price and I drive a Honda Pilot. My girlfriend went there on Tuesday and she drives a Toyota Corolla and when she got there they said that for a synthetic blend oil change it normally cost $85 but that they'll give her a discount of $25 because she brought in the coupon so now she's paying $60 for the same service that me a "guy" gets for $20. To make matters worse they charged her another $20 for a tire rotation which is ridiculous. Never going here again and if you're a woman or someone that doesn't know much about cars they'll rip you off.

Hi David, Wow, there's been a big misunderstanding here. Our prices haven't changed. The price for our Standard Oil Change, which uses semi-synthetic oil, has always been $29.95, with the discounted coupon price still at $19.95 for up to 5 quarts. Our FULL Synthetic oil change costs $84.95, with the coupon giving you $25.00 off, the total comes to $59.95. When your girlfriend asked for the price of our synthetic oil change, we quoted her the FULL Synthetic Oil price, not our Standard Oil Change price. Believe me, the prices are the same for women as for men. We just thought she asked for Full Synthetic Oil and quoted her accordingly. Sorry for any misunderstanding here and hope this clears things up.

- Honest-1 Auto Care San Carlos

You did a good job>


Professional Service with good explanations of work performed.


1 The owner appeared to actually be listening to me as I explained the problems I was having with my truck. One would think this would be normal, but unfortunately, when a WOMAN brings a vehicle into a lot of repair shops, it is not. It was refreshing to experience it here. 2 I was upfront about my repair budget, and the owner was understanding of that consideration, and called me with the good news that the repair would fall within my price range. I appreciated his attitude, rather than having him act like, "Well, there's no way we can fix it for THAT amount of money", before the problem had even been diagnosed. 3 When I came to pick the truck up, the man in charge of the servicing was also very pleasant and helpful, explaining the problem, and what had been done to correct it.


I won't know if the problem with the battery discharging when I tow it until I'm traveling again. However, the left rear lights work again even if you couldn't find out what was wrong with them. Just working with the wiring may have moved something that was causing the problem. Time will tell and I will let you know what happens.


All servise is very good here and they are very pleasant. The cost for a front break job was high compared to Midas. Honest was $385.00 and Midas quoted me with a 50.00 coupon 305.00. Why I come to Honest is they are a block from my house and they do a good job.


The fan belt squealing was from a glazing surface. I had the car serviced at another place I won't mention publicly but they wouldn't look into the squealing of the fan belt problem. Honest 1 not only installed the fan belt but also cleaned the pulleys from whatever debris was there, and made sure they lined up straight so the edges of the fan belt don't rub at an off angle.


Efficient, hospitable, and reliable.


Thank you for thoroughly checking out my vehicle despite my vague description of what seemed out of the ordinary. Great customer service as well.


Julio is always accommodating, professional, and HONEST.

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