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Transmission Repair in San Carlos, CA

To keep your vehicle running smoothly, your automatic transmission fluid helps clean, cool, lubricate, and provide adequate hydraulic pressure. The benefits of keeping transmission fluid changed include smoother shift control and preventing expensive transmission repairs and replacement. However, if you need transmission repair in San Carlos, contact Honest-1 Auto Care for an appointment.

What Causes Transmission Problems?

Operating at 175 degrees, an automatic transmission creates friction that translates into a good deal of internal heat. If the fluid temperature climbs above that, it could affect the life of the fluid.

Even normal driving habits can increase the fluid temperature beyond safety limits. The transmission fluid goes from a bright red to brown, as heat oxides it, and then destroys friction characteristics and the lubricating qualities of the fluids. Varnish then begins to form on the valves of the valve body and other internal parts; this interferes with operating the transmission.

If the temperature rises above 250 degrees, the rubber seals harden, leading to pressure loss and internal leaks. The result is the transmission starts to slip and soon the clutches burn out; it’s at this time that the transmission no longer works.

Cool It

The best thing to do is keep automatic transmission fluid cool with a small heat exchanger at the end tank of the radiator or in the bottom tank. You can also schedule a regular transmission fluid change or transmission flush.

There are many reasons why a transmission heats up. Our transmission shop at Honest-1 Auto Care offers transmission service in San Carlos, CA. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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