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Auto AC and Heater Repair in San Carlos, California

Properly functioning AC and heating systems can mean the difference between a relaxed journey and a long uncomfortable car trip. It can even be unsafe to drive without properly functioning AC during hot California summers. For that reason, it is important to repair your heating and AC systems at the first sign of trouble, even though it may seem like more of a luxury than an urgent necessity.

Comprehensive Service

With R-134 refrigerant replacing R-12 Freon your car’s AC recharge can be complicated. Seals and hoses designed for Freon may not be compatible with the oils in R-134 refrigerant, requiring an AC retrofit. It’s important to get a mechanic who has experience with older and newer systems and understands the differences between makes and models as well.

There is also a large range of maintenance and repairs that can be needed on heating and AC systems. At Honest-1 Auto Care in San Carlos, we are able to conduct truly comprehensive service. Our services range from the simplest of repairs to a complete system overhaul or replacement.

The Honest-1 Difference

Our mechanics can do it all because they have seen it all. We maintain a professional and experienced team committed to excellent, honest, and affordable service that is both quick and reliable.

With service from Honest-1, you can drive with the comfort of a properly working AC and heating system, and with the peace of mind that some of the best mechanics in San Carlos have provided you with their best service.

Schedule an appointment for your car’s air conditioning and heating repairs in San Carlos, CA.

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